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Secrets of longevity revealed by Elsa Sneider at age 99

We’re here in Minnesota to gather secrets of staying young from my mother Elsa Sneider, age 99. This woman has endured wars, escapes from the Russians, losing family and friends. She has trusted God to deliver her through many trials and tests in her 99 years. We came back to celebrate her 99th birthday in snow covered Bloomington, Minnesota with postcard scenes everywhere. She wanted to impart some wisdom to us that can help you as well as your family in the year 2013.
As professional fitness trainers we have learned that living is a matter of balance. One should have a spiritual relationship with his Creator. One should have a family relationship if possible. One should have a personal fitness program that keeps him healthy and well. Nutrition is very important because healthy food is good medicine. Using your mind in creative activities like reading, writing, and positive games and having a relationship with like minded people that are positive, uplifting and helpful will extend your life. These are some of the principles that I learned from my mother.
We are currently staying with my brother Karl and Andra. They are special education teachers. They have given us some valuable information on how to have healthy, happy, and positive children that are struggling with challenges in living. Their philosophy is similar to my mother’s. Love them and tell them that they are valuable in life. Continually reinforce this loving attitude in daily contact in education as well as sports and develop a family interaction with these children.
My mother taught my brother and me to reach out and help those that are in need. During the war my mother said that there were women around her who panicked when the bombs fell but she was a rock of confidence. My mother at age 7 was a shepard girl in Latvia. She took care of animals on a large farm. This responsibility gave her confidence in helping her children and family. We survived the brutality of World War II with her tenacious never give up attitude that brought us to the United States of America. I had an older brother John, younger brother Karl and sister Ilse that still to this day depend on my mother’s wisdom, courage, and character.
What can you do in your personal life as well as your family life in the year 2013 to live a positive, healthy, life? Here are 7 positive points to encourage you to be the best that you can be: 1. Trust God. He’s there to guide you. 2. Start a healthy fitness program. Get out and use your body by walking, cycling, swimming, Zumba dancing, dumbbell circuit program as well as other options. We are here to help you at Sneiders Family Fitness. 3. You are what you eat. 4. Fill your mind with positive activities. 5. Let your life be a light to others. 6. Be inspired by your ancestors, like my mother Elsa who trusted God to see her through all the way to the age of 99. 7. Write out your goals for the year 2013. Writing out goals is a great way to be a success. DO IT NOW!
Harry and Sarah Sneider are professional fitness trainers, educators, parents, grandparents, motivational speakers, as well as writers of this weekly column to motivate you to your full potential. Give them a call at 626-355-8964 or BE A CHAMPION IN LIFE!
Minnpeapolis Grandma 99th 12-26-12 035
99 year old Elsa Sneider works out with a fitness program daily and looks forward to living to 100 years and beyond. -Courtesy Photo

By Harry Sneider

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